Midweight Hooded Cotton Shawl Great for SCA LARP Cosplay Faire


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Our midweight hooded cotton shawls are amazing pieces of clothing. Designed more for summer or warm-weather use, these hooded shawls keep the sun off you and help disperse the heat, and help keep rain and drizzle off you as well. But, these fabrics go one step closer. While the fabric will cause rain to sheet off for a time, if you force water into them on a hot day, they become an evaporative cooler, helping you cool off in the hottest days.

And best of all, with repeated washings, these shawls just become softer and softer. With the versatility and comfort of these shawls, you’ll find yourself wearing them for everyday use as well.

These shawls come in a variety of colors and most are available for immediate shipment. If not, there will be a 2-3 week delay while our talented local partners make them.


Midweight Cotton

Blue, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Lilac, Red, Rose


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