Basic Wool hooded shawl great for SCA LARP Cosplay or everyday use



Our basic hooded wool shawl follows the same pattern as our melton wool shawl, but comes in a variety of color and fabric choices. Choose from herringbones, houndstooth, flannel, and several other varieties, all unique to Eclectics Creations. Each fabric is different, and contains a different amount of wool (how much is not known) and each shawl is custom made by our talented seamstress partners in our hometown.

Our shawls work great in all kinds of places. Whether you’re doing re-enacting, or going to the grocery store, our shawls are designed to go with you and allow you flexibility. While our shawls are shorter than a long cloak, what you lose in coverage you gain in usability.

We get asked all the time if guys can wear shawls, to which I respond… Of course you can. We sell shawls to many men, precisely because it is so flexible and adaptable.

While we strive to have all items onhand and ready for immediate shipment, there are times when your order may be delayed 2-3 weeks while we get one made and shipped.

Note: All wool fabrics listed with this item are in a light weight (suiting) up to a medium (light jacketing) weight. One size fits most, contact us directly for sizing questions.

Basic Wool Blend

Black_Grey_Blue_Plaid, Black_Grey_Burgundy, Blue _Plaid_Cashmere, Blue_Green_Houndstooth, Blue_Red_Plain, Brown_Flannel, Burnt_Red_Stripe, Dark_Grey_Herringbone, Grey_Large_Plaid, Medium_Grey_Speckled_Herringbone, Patchwork_Looking_Plaid, Speckled, Tan_Brown_Plaid, Teal_Stripe


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