About Us

Centuries ago, Viking longboats were met with two emotions… fear, or greed. Fear, for if the longboats were full of Vikings and no cargo, the city knew to throw shut the gates and prepare for a raid. But, if the longboats were full of cargo, then it was ‘Throw open the gates’, because the Vikings were here to trade.

We are modern-day artisans with a Viking twist. We specialize in handmade items made near our hometown, not manufactured in a factory. Our clothing, including cloaks, shawls, tunics, fighting pants, Viking and other caps and hats and accessories, is all extremely high quality. We also create products like signs and shields, all with airbrushed images on them.

We are primarily a western or west-coast vendor, you can find us at shows like Sonora Celtic Festival, Washington Midsummer, Las Vegas Ren Faire, and a host of other smaller shows.